Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property assets are gaining increasing importance in the whole business scenario. In addition to enhancing the sale of products and services, said assets are a source of financial gain by means of licensing and assignment of rights.

With decades of expertise with national and foreign partners, Bhering Advogados is capable of providing specialized legal advice in all areas of Intellectual Property. We have a united team that ensures accurate and prompt assistance.

Considering the identification and management of intellectual assets as ways to achieve strategic goals, a consistent connection between legal knowledge and the understanding of the sciences and technological advances becomes necessary. Our professionals are experienced in various areas of knowledge, thus being capable of understanding the client’s business and providing assistance in managing their intellectual property assets.

In order to work on complex cases in modern times, our team goes beyond the traditional concept of Intellectual Property to render services in crucial law areas such as information technology, advertising, entertainment, and rights of publicity (image rights).

Our main practice areas are shown below, including services offered by our firm and business categories commonly assisted by us.

  • Patents and Industrial Designs (more)
  • Trade Secrets (more)
  • Trademarks (more)
  • Geographical Indications (more)
  • Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (more)
  • Licensing and Transfer of Technology (more)
  • Enforcement against Unfair Competition and Counterfeiting (more)
  • Information Technolgy Law (more)
  • Entertainment and Advertising Law (more)


Forms of Action

Our practice includes the following activities:

Consultancy in Intellectual Property and related matters:

  • Legal audit of intellectual assets;
  • Rendering of legal opinions and agreements;
  • Advice on the negotiation of Intellectual Property;
  • Strategic counsel on the protection and enforcement of IP assets;
  • Conduction of orientation and awareness lectures on Intellectual Property;
  • Suggestions of procedures for the internal management of intellectual assets.

Legal management of intellectual assets:

  • Preliminary counsel regarding the registrability and protection of IP;
  • Preparation and filing patent applications, and applications for the registration of industrial designs, trademarks and softwares, before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (PTO);
  • Management and monitoring trademark, industrial design and patent cases, with accurate information on newly issued decisions and conflicting applications by third parties;
  • Diligent and opportune actions on litigation in the administrative sphere;
  • Registration of artistic, literary and scientific works;
  • Coordination of the protection and enforcement of IP in different countries;
  • Advice on registration of products before the competent Brazilian authorities;
  • Filing and monitoring of cases involving the recordal or assignment of acts and contracts of technology transfer, franchising or licensing of Industrial Property rights.

Enforcement of Intellectual Property rights:

  • Dynamic hindering of piracy and unfair competition with assistance on investigations;
  • Elaboration and monitoring of Cease and Desist Warnings (judicial and non-judicial);
  • Handling various types of lawsuits involving Intellectual Property in both civil and criminal spheres.


Home Practice Areas

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